Free Range Gloucester Old Spots

Rushey Hey Farm

Rare Breed Outdoor Reared Gloucester Old Spot Pork

                 "Cheshire Life Food Hero of the Year 2011-2012"

 Award Winning Rare Breed Pork

From our Gloucester Old Spots 

                                                                                 Rushey Hey Farm is situated in the Cheshire countryside, close to the town of Congleton. We are Award Winning producers of fantastic meat and specialise in the breeding of pedigree Rare Breed Gloucester Old Spot Pigs which are reared naturally outside.

Our Ethic

Our ethic is to ensure that our animals have the best most natural life possible with the highest welfare standards. They graze naturally and are free to roam within their paddocks. They have stress free natural lives and wallow in mud baths during the summer months. Their normal feed is supplemented with fresh vegetables, potatoes, roots, apples and fruits. We do not use growth promoters or routine antibiotics. We do not put rings in noses or clip teeth.

It is extremely important to us that our animals can exhibit their natural instinctive behaviour and characteristics and are allowed to come to maturity in their own time. The pig is an intelligent animal and must be shown the respect that it deserves.




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