Free Range Gloucester Old Spots

Rushey Hey Farm

Rare Breed Outdoor Reared Gloucester Old Spot Pork


Cooked Meats - Very tasty, not wet, not dry, just right, perfect for a sandwich or salad. Available sliced from Rode Hall Farmers Market on the first Saturday each month.

For orders of full uncooked hams please give us 2 weeks notice, so we can prepare it and get it just perfect for you.

Roast Ham (exceptionally tasty) 

Honey Roast Ham (using local honey)

Oak & Beech Smoked Roast Ham

Cheshire Black Sweet Cure Ham (soaked in treacle)

Brown Sugar & Mustard Roast Ham

Sticky Marmalade Roast Ham

Ale cured Roast Ham 

Roast Pork 

Pork Pies

Roast Beef (locally reared)