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Rushey Hey Farm

Rare Breed Outdoor Reared Gloucester Old Spot Pork

Our Meats & Produce


All our sausages have a high meat content and are made using the highest quality natural skins. No pans full of fat here, just plenty of meat and taste. There are 5-7 sausages in a tray. We change the flavours each week for variety, so please contact us for details of what's available before you place your order. If we haven't got it fresh we've probably got it frozen, please ask.  

The Old Favourites                                                   Garlic

Traditional Pork Sausage                              Pork with Garlic & Fennel

Pork & Leek                                                  Pork with Garlic & Spring Onion

Pork with Caramelised Onion 

Alcoholic                                                      Cheesy

Pork & Ale                                                    Pork & Stilton

Pork, Apple & Cider                                      Pork with Stilton & Port

Pork & Gin                                                                     Pork, Stilton & Red Grape

Pork & Guinness                                                         Pork with Smoked Cheshire Cheese

Pork with Jack Daniels                                           Pork with Red Leics & Spring Onion

Pork with Prosecco & Summer Berries         Spicy

Pork with Red Wine & Sage                                  Pork with Chilli & Coriander

Fruity                                                          Pork with Chilli & Fennel

Pork with Apricots & Chestnuts                   Pork with Cracked Black Pepper

Pork with Cranberries                                  Pork with Jalapeno Chilli

Pork with Mango Chutney                             Pork with Jalapeno & Spring Onion

Pork with Orange Marmalade                              Pork with Tandoori Spices

Herbs                                                          Meaty

Pork with Lemon & Thyme                            Pork with Black Pudding

Pork with Herbs & Orange                           Pork with Apple & Black Pudding

Miscellaneous                                              Pork with Chorizo

Pork with Hoisin & Ginger                                     Pork with Leek & Bacon 

                                                                                          Pork with Oak & Beech Smoked                                                                            Bacon

                                                                                          Pork with Sweet Cure Bacon 


Dry Cured Bacon - Not injected with anything, just dry cured, so no nasty                                      "white stuff" or water, just plenty of flavour like bacon used                               to be. Vacuum packed for freshness. Each pack has 4                                           rashers. Choose from:- 

Traditional Dry Cured Back Bacon,      Traditional Dry Cured Back Bacon with                                                                 Streaky (middle)

Oak & Beech Smoked Back Bacon,       Cheshire Black Sweet Cured Back Bacon                                                               (soaked in treacle)


GammonVery succulent, tasty not salty. Vacuum packed for freshness. For                      gammon joint orders please give us 2 weeks notice. 

Tradition Gammon Joint                              Oak & Beech Smoked Gammon Joint 

Cheshire Black Sweet Cured Gammon Joint - (soaked in treacle) 

Traditional Single Gammon Steak


Pork - just as it should be, tender and moist with plenty of flavour and                          perfect crackling. 

Shoulder of Pork Joint - boned & rolled      Leg of Pork Joint - boned & rolled   Belly Pork Joint - boned & rolled                 Belly pork slices

Pork Chops, Pork Loin Steaks, Pork Fillet, Ribs 


Goose Eggs - when in season 








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